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Epitome of Failure
And she just did it all over again.
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10th-Feb-2030 10:59 am - Welcome Post! ♥
Fangirl Love

Welcome to Meika-chama's
LiveJournal~! ♥

14th-Mar-2025 01:35 pm - Blogcrew 03 [White Day Special!]
You amuse me ♥

Gave me this teddy bear for WHITE DAY.

Two more blogcrews under the cut~!Collapse )
6th-Mar-2025 09:35 pm - Blogcrew 02
Lovely Archive

Card for you Pictures, Images and Photos

[Insert Name Here] sent me a letter that says:

_     _ O _ E   _ _ U

Can you help me figure out his message? :P ♥

Blogcrew 02. Yay!Collapse )
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